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Random thought about Social Media, the fashion world and one designer:

This year there have been several big names in the fashion industry exploring new ways to capture our attention. They are getting creative and giving fans and customers what they want in a way that has never been done before. Through various social media outlets, we are shown everything it takes to have a successful show including ‘behind the scenes’ footage of fashion week (which are Tweeted and Facebooked moment by moment). Who knew it was SO stressful back there!! It’s both exciting and monumental that we can actually move at the speed of light, side by side with everyone involved in the shows production.

Armed with this new way to market to the masses, one of the designers that is keeping his finger on the pulse is Karl Lagerfeld. He has designed fashionable  ‘movie shorts’ which are interesting and artsy and as suspected, leave the viewer ALWAYS wanting more.  These movies are brief  yet its just another way to get his designs out to the masses and keep his name at the top of people minds. Aside from being a clothing designer, he is now a director/producer for content in the social media world.

Social Media is working for everyone in every industry, this is just one example I found interesting. Karl Lagerfeld has optimized the power of social media leading to another outlet for creativity and marketing… Brilliant!


Four years ago I was given a valuable insider tip. I would have never guessed that this insider tip would lead me into the career of my dreams or that it would be the vehicle by which online marketing would revolutionize how business is done.  I had no idea that it was anything worth getting involved in nor did I have any idea how HUGE it would one day become. While at dinner one night the tipster asked, “Hey, have you ever heard of Twitter?” I remember looking at him with one of those squished faces you get when you have no idea what the person speaking to you has said.  This was the conversation:

Me: “Heard of what??”

Tipster: “Twitter, it’s this new thing that allows you to follow people, friends, who ever you want. They can follow you too… to see whats going on with you, through out your day, your week, whatever”

Me: “Whats the purpose of that? People can actually follow me, why would they want to? And why would I want to follow them? Weird.”

Tipster: “It’s really cool, not very many people know about it yet…  just check it out. It’s a brand new company/idea and its going to be HUGE”.

Needless to say, after dinner, I went home and looked it up on the internet. I immediately signed up and started ‘following’ the tipster and a few other people I thought might have interesting things to say. From that moment on, I was HOOKED- adding mobile tweets to my page, reading about what the people I had decided to follow were doing… and wouldn’t you know it,  the tipster was right. Years later and Twitter is larger than life, now grabbing more traffic than MySpace, it is a media force to be reckoned with. It’s strange to think I’ve been riding this wave since MySpace was hot and Twitter was just a new baby bird. Its been years and my passion for social media hasn’t wavered a bit. You would think that after such a time had passed that one would tire of the supposed “fad” but that’s just it! ITS NOT A FAD!! Social media is ON FIRE and there are no signs of it slowing down. I have not grown tired of it, in fact I’ve become MORE ADDICTED THEN EVER. If I had been asked five years ago what career path I would have chosen,  I would never have thought it would be what I’m involved in now. I love helping people  “Expand, Brand and Understand” how social media can work for them… nothing makes me happier. Being part of the social revolution is pretty stellar and have NO PROBLEM admitting that I’M ADDICTED to anything and everything social, it IS my drug of choice.